Michael Knights

I am a graphic designer and JP-EN translator who came to Japan in 2015 to pursue a career utilising my Japanese skills. Over the years I have worked in various retail positions. Now, I am specialising in creating marketing materials relating to recording equipment and musical instruments, in addition to translating various materials to and from English and Japanese.

Canon TR703

Canon TR-703 (TS-702) Review

Today, I am going to review the Canon TR-703 (also known as the TS-702 in other regions), a single-function inkjet printer. How does it fair in regards to print quality, ease of use and installation? Main Specifications Single Function Inkjet Printer 5-Ink Setup – 4 dye-based inks (CMYK) and 1… Read More »Canon TR-703 (TS-702) Review

Photoshop Creators Qualification Test

Studying for the Photoshop Creator Skills Qualification Test

In Japan, there are quite a few qualifications that you can take relating to graphic design. A famous example is the 色彩検定 shikisai-kentei (Colour Co-ordination Test) with it’s various degrees of difficulty. However, it can be a little intimidating at first, so I decided to try the “Photoshop Creator Skills… Read More »Studying for the Photoshop Creator Skills Qualification Test