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学割 & 紹介割

Student Discount Poster

This is a poster for a promotion targeted at current students and recent graduates.

I chose to theme the poster around cherry blossoms, a mark of spring, especially in Japan. The two students included in the design are in traditional Japanese uniform.

I paired the pink of the cherry blossoms with a bright, contrasting blue to give attention to the “introduce a friend” promotion, running concurrently.

  • Adobe Illustrator,
    March 2020


This is a poster showcasing the various types of products available on the second floor of a recording equipment shop.

Some customers were confused on whether the shop was open when the door was closed. To clear confusion, I was tasked with creating a poster asking people to knock before entering.

Additionally, I included some minimalistic illustrations of various pieces of recording equipment – a monitor speaker, a condenser microphone and an outboard compressor.

  • Adobe Illustrator,
    November 2019
2F Store Guide

Floor Plan Illustration

In this project I made a floor plan for two floors, showing the various products available for sale from a bird’s eye view.

Initial drafts of this project started out far too “blocky”. As a result, I was asked to create it in a “hand drawn” style.

I took out each section and colour coded them to make it easy to see where things are from a glance. Additionally, I included illustrations of the various products available, such as earphones, speakers, microphones and audio interfaces.

  • Adobe Illustrator,
    January 2020

Flyers and Leaflets

Carrot juice leaflet

For this project, I created a leaflet for 100% pure carrot juice.  I utilised a bold orange colour and large, eye-catching type.

Since this is a 100% pure juice, I wanted to emphasise this in the design. The front features the bottle slightly rotated to give it a playful feel, contrasted with the “luxury” feel of the photo in the bottom left.

Added later on in the design process, the farmer holding the carrot as seen at the bottom was placed to give the viewer a sense of trust – that the ingredients used to make the product are coming from a local farm and not a faceless corporation.

On the backside, I chose to concentrate on “奇跡 kiseki” (miracle), as I wanted to give attention to how fresh the juice was, and that it was something you wouldn’t find in the everyday supermarket.

  • Adobe InDesign,
    March 2020

Remote Work Leaflet

I based this leaflet on the concept of whether you are at the office or at home, as long as you have an internet connection, carrying out work is easy.

For the office building on the left, I created a skyscraper surrounded by various smaller shops in a typical business district.

The house on the right is in a more natural setting.

  • Adobe Illustrator,
    April 2020
Welcome Back Flyer

"Welcome Back" Promotional Flyer

For this flyer, I elaborated on the details of the campaign in a clear and concise way. The bottom half shows the method on how to either sell used goods or receive a discount on a newly bought product.

Originally, the bottom half of the poster was not included, however as there is so little text it was thought that a more thorough explanation of the campaign was required.

I made sure to point out what products are eligible for the deal, in addition to writing out the steps in a number format that is easy to follow.

  • Adobe InDesign,
    February 2020

Social Media Banners


With telecommuting becoming increasingly mainstream in recent times, this banner features various products such as audio mixers, microphones, desktop stands and more, perfect for live broadcasts on streaming platforms and video calls.
  • Adobe Photoshop,
    April 2020

Classic Gear Studio Add-On Option

A banner advertising a limited time promotion for a recording studio rental service. Featured in this banner is the Neumann U87Ai, a standard across recording studios the world around, in addition to an outboard compressor.

  • Adobe Photoshop,
    March 2020
Recording Studio Channel Strip Campaign
Kaotica Eyeball Bundle


Featuring the “Kaotica Eyeball”, a product that lets you easily improve your sound while recording at home, this is a banner advertising a special bundle pairing the Eyeball with MXL microphones.
  • Adobe Photoshop,
    April 2020

Other Print Media

Stamp Card

This is a stamp card I made for a recording studio rental service.

Utilising the colours of the “RPM” logo, I created a stamp card that is bold and easy to recognise.

  • Adobe Illustrator,
    December 2019
Recording Studio Rental Stamp Card
Condenser Mic
XLR Cable

workflow overview

I work using a combination of Photoshop and Illustrator. Additionally, I utilise InDesign for making informational leaflets and other materials for print.


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