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English to Japanese

MXL Microphones User Manuals

With a wide range of microphones for use in the studio, conferences and at home, microphone maker MXL provides options for virtually any use case. For these translations, I took into consideration the user market making sure to keep instructions clear and concise.

All together, I translated the manuals for 8 types of microphone, in addition to a universal user guide for microphones to be used when connected to a computer.

MXL Manual Translation

The Story of Isovox 2

In this project, I translated the lyrics to a promotional music video for the “Isovox 2”. Unique humour was used in the video, providing a challenge to translate over to Japanese.

Isovox 2 is a popular vocal booth replacement made for vocalists who want to record at home, without disturbing their neighbours while providing superior sound quality.

MESA Guitar Amplifiers

We had a professional guitarist visit the store, where he explained how to achieve the various sounds that are possible with the MESA amps introduced in these videos.

I was tasked with creating subtitle translations. I was able to utilise my knowledge of electric guitars and their numerous features.

Japanese to English


I create English translations from Japanese on online marketplace, Reverb.com for Miyaji Gakki. Their products comprise mainly of electric guitars, basses and effect pedals.

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