Hello. My name is Michael Knights.

I am a graphic designer and
JP-EN translator

I can create eye-catching promotional material.
British-born and based in Tokyo, Japan.

What I'm All About

About Me

I relocated to Japan in 2015 to develop my Japanese language and translation skills. Currently, I work as in-house graphic designer and Japanese to English translator for a music shop in Tokyo, Japan.

My skills are in creating marketing materials for use both online and in print. Having studied music for many years, I also specialise in Japanese <> English translation, with a focus on Japanese popular culture, music and professional audio equipment.

Graphic Design

Whether you are looking to create eye-popping print media or even a complete rebrand, I can help you express your desired brand image.

JP <> EN Translation

Specialising in music, recording equipment and Japanese popular culture, I can widen your market letting you reach out and expand your business.

Social Media Utilisation

I can create enticing
social media banners.


Marketing materials that bring
the best out of your products.


I will help you re-analyse the
direction of your business image.

What I have to offer

I can create a variety of promotional materials, ranging from posters and flyers to social media banners.

If you are looking to translate anything from a business website, print materials or blog post, I can help you too.

Business Card Mockup
学割 & 紹介割
2F Store Map
Feedback from Real People

Customer Reviews

I made most of the design in just five minutes or so, and even though I just requested it be converted to Illustrator files, what I got back was something that looked like it was made completely from scratch. I was shocked at how far Michael went.

That said, he really went the extra mile zoning in on even the tiniest of details - I felt this even ten-fold!✨ Translated from Japanese.
I was impressed by the great price point, especially for a custom design. He helped to adjust all aspects of the design to my liking with plenty of freedom.
Translated from Japanese.
K. Tanaka
Private Customer
The stamp cards came out wonderfully! I look forward to working with you again 😄
Translated from Japanese.
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